8.3 VR - Recieving head tracking from remote PC


It would be great if the GoPro VR Player Remote could recieve headtracking and sending it back to Nuendo.

In my setup I am using one audio pc with Nuendo and a second pc where my VIVE is connected. So I have to use GoPro VR Player Remote in Nuendo, which basically works fine, but headtracking isn’t transfered back to Nuendo. …or am I missing something or doing something wrong?

I’m having the same issue. Would love to get this working.

I am running Nuendo 8.3.20 (02.02.2019 build) and don’t have “headtracking” in the Project Menu. Chatted with tech support, and they don’t have it either. Anyone else know how to fix/work around this one?

Using an Oculus Rift with the software installed, GoPro VR Player PB and everything seems to work exept this…hmmmm.