8.5.1 Bug ?

About 10- 20pc of the time i enter and then leave the piano roll editor my tracks keep silencing. I have to either turn the vst instrument in question on and off again or bypass effects in the chain to hear it again.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Bump. I did a complete reinstall of cubase 8.5 and then updated it and am still getting this issue on all vst instruments. Instruments mute themselves when entering/leaving the midi editor window and sometimes even when you select the channel, not all the time but enough to really kill workflow. Anybody?

I wonder whether you have solo enabled in the edit window. Second symbol (S) in from the left at the top in the edit window.

It’s not that. There is a serious problem. Tracks just mute themselves randomly. It turns out i don’t even need to necessarily go into the Roll window. It can happen when i just highlight a different track or turn on/off a random plugin.

I think it might be to do with Asio Guard (which i have enabled on medium) but it’s hard to tell becuase it happens with Guard on and off. This has only started happening since the latest update and it’s infecting all of my projects.

Perhaps you should try rolling back to the previous version. That will at least tell you, if the behaviour stops, that the new version has introduced this erratic behaviour. If it continues then it points to something systemic.

Can you rollback an update? 8.5.0 was working amazingly well. Lots of problems since the update. Slower loadup, the random muting, cubase crashes on exit (again). Everythings slower.

Nothign on my system has changed but the update.

uninstall the update only, to roll back.
Are we talking 8.5.15 or 8.5.10 ?
Are you using the the control room, and if you are have you remembered to disconnect the main outs.