8.5.10 bug? envelope shaper

Turning the knobs in the envelope shaper in the strip doesn’t change anything. Right-clicking and selecting a preset, however, does. After doing so, knobs STILL don’t change anything.

(A note on reporting potential bugs: I rarely post here, and so I forget what the rules are for reporting bugs. Just THAT thought alone makes me not want to report what I think may be a bug. I don’t wish to come here and search to see if the bug has already been reported. That takes time and it’s not my job. Again, it prevents me from speaking up. So from now on I will simply add these “bugs” to the General “newsfeed” and Steinberg and the moderators can do whatever they wish with them.)


I cannot reproduce it here on my system (C8.5.10 on Mac).

Do you mean, even the GUI knob doesn’t move? Do you use it in the MixConsole window, or in the Channel Settings window? Is the Envelope Shaper used in the common (4th) position (slot)? Is it used on Audio (stereo/mono/5.1…) track? Can you always reproduce it? In all projects?


PC, Win 7 x64… The GUI knobs move… in the MixConsole window, in the typical slot.

Haven’t tried to reproduce in other projects. I’ll post more when I have a chance to take another look at it.

helpful information. I moved every knob in every direction. Not a change in sound whatsoever.

When it is working, however, the changes are quite noticeable, I find.

I just tested it again on another system, and it also works here. Tested on “01 175 drums01” Sound from MediaBay (build-in Cubase loop). The result is audible very good.