8.5.10 glitch problems

Hello PG,

I updated today to new version from 8.5. Nice fixing on windows but I started to get glitching on my masters. Spending extra hours now trying to find why it happens. It worked fine with same plugins before this update.

What did you change? I am using external plugin. Was anything changed in WL?


where can I download WL 8.5? new upgrade is not working, glitches, clients unhappy:((

Nothing was changed concerning external plugins. Are you also using internal plugins? Did you try restarting your computer?

Hi PG, yeah I did restart it and it doesnt help that way. Then I went back to version 8 and it seems to be all good.

In 8.5 it also works and no pops in the sound.

I use VST plugins together with external plugin.

Maybe new update made it more cpu hungry or some other thing which introduces such instability?


Hi PG,

any ideas on that bug?


CPU is mainly eaten by the plugins, and this has not changed.
Therefore, what you experience is strange for me.
What plugins exactly do you use, and where do you use them in WaveLab?

Hello PG,

Very strange indeed. I went to version 8.5 again and its all good.

I use:

bx control
fabfilter eq and mb
uad manley
vbc slate
vcc slate
external plugin
invisible limiter
nugen visualizer

it that order

its it 64bits all plugins

Do you need a example of audio file how it happends?


Can you try deactivating the plugin one by one, to see if there is a bottle neck somewhere?

Try to disable True Peak metering, to check if you see a difference.

Only because it’s happened to me in the past, different buffer settings in 8.5? If you’re using the External Gear plug, and the glitches are printing.

I went back to 8.5 and all is fine. Dont have time to try debug 8.5.10 now. But will do next week hopefully.

Thanx PG for a tip, hopefully it will work:)

Hi PG,

True Peak metering is always disabled on my side. This is not the case.

I have experimented and audio glitching appears in following scenario:

if external plugin is enabled and vst plugins are working (Slate Digital VBC, VCC and AOM Invisible Limiter have been in my chain)

only with VST plugs all sounds fine

just with External plugin glitches still appear, tho seems like less often

in 8.5 all work fine, no glitches

so must be 8.5.10 which did some damage to external processing.

Do you have any idea what it can be?


I will have to study the changes between 8.5.0 and 8.5.10, but there were few. Right not I have no idea.

Hi PG, when burning CD’s in 8.5.1 no ISRC’s or CD text are printed. No problems with 8.04. Is this a known issue or is there a new setting I now have to engage. Thanks

Hi PG, when burning CD’s in 8.5.1 no ISRC’s or CD text are printed. No problems with 8.04. Is this a known issue or is there a new setting I now have to engage. Thanks

There is no change done here. Maybe you are forgetting something?
Did you try burning the same montage on the same computer with both 8.04 and 8.5.10?

Hi PG, thanks for the response. Yes, the test was done as you expressed. Same computer, same montage. I’ve now performed the test on several montages using the same computer and both versions of Wavelab with the same result. CD Text and ISRC’s are not printing using 8.5.1. Any ideas?

By the way, loving the new features in 8.5.

Can you try generating a DDP and importing it, to see if the data is part of it?

Hi PG. I can create a DDP in 8.5.1 and reimport it showing all the CD Text and ISRC data. If I then burn a CD from the montage, no CD Text or ISRC data has been created.

If I then import the DDP Image created with 8.5.1 into 8.04 and burn a CD, then all CD Text and ISRC data is created.

Any further thoughts? Thanks

How do you verify that the CD Text and ISRC is not burnt?
The WaveLab CD Text / ISRC extraction is not ON by default. Maybe it is on in your version of 8.0.4 and not in 8.5.1?

Hi PG, I uninstalled and reinstalled 8.5.1 and all seems ok again! I transferred my settings, presets as before and its now all working as expected. Really appreciate you taking the time on a ‘Sunday’ to respond. That is truly AWESOME SUPPORT!!! :slight_smile: