8.5.10 scissors. Cut track deletes events *SOLVED*

Topic says it all, snip a midi track with the scissors and the events in the edit page get deleted though at least theystill play…Thanks goodness for roll back and system restore!


This is one special update.

I am not seeing anything out of the ordinary here, on Mac.
Are you saying that you split a MIDI Part on a track in the Project window (is the split during a silence, or are there notes carrying on through the split?), and when you open the Key Editor, what, exactly, has disappeared?
Could you upload a couple of “before” and “after” screenshots to illustrate, please?


What exactly did you expect would happen? That the split would create three NEW MIDI-events in the right part?
I think what happens is normal behavour.

Yes this is a preference- Preferences/Editing/MIDI/Split midi notes If you tick it the notes dont get shortened.
Is this the issue?



I was able to reproduce it. Then I trashed my Preferences, and it is working as expected, now.

Martin. Specifically, what preferences were trashed? I don’t want to lose my custom setups, plugin manager profiles, , external synths and efx, templates etc. Thank you for verifying the concern so quickly.


I trashed the whole Preferences folder. Unfortunately, there was lots of own settings. I didn’t Backup the Preferences folder, because I have the Profile Backup. Then I Import the Profile, and I cannot reproduce the Scissors issue with this Imported Profile anymore.

Not happening here (win 7 64)…could it be that, after having split your part into 2, only one remains “selected”, and, thus, is the only one that shows up in the editor? In other words, after cutting a part, the new part (on the right, in my case) is un-selected, and has to be re-selected in order to appear in the editor.

I also tested and I am not seeing the reported behaviour here… this is not gloating … I just wanted to share that it doesn’t appear to be universal issue and I didn’t trash preference… at least not yet.

not doing it here. (still wont be using 8.5 though, had some time to kill so tested the new update)

Thanks folks, I also noticed track colours had changed as well so bought over pre-update file preferences and all is good now :slight_smile: