8.5.10 Upgrade Question?

I I just did the upgrade here. Do we need to re-install any the content or are we OK with that?

have the content things been updated as well?


We are ok.

The only content updates i saw were:


To remember: (only if you have your vstsound files in a custom location and want continuity in your sound management) - move the newly created vstsound files and make new shortcuts…

Note to SB- would be nice to see which *.vstsound files get added/edited when updates are out…:wink:


I just hate how they changed back the naming in the insert field back to the HORRIBLE “Intelligent Name Abbreviation” thing… again :confused:
Sooo Annoying when using a sensible witdh for your channels in the mixer :smiling_imp:

Why all these small fixing/changing/breaking back and forth?

PS. I’m back at 8.5.0 for this reason alone.

Is it only me?