8.5.15 does not save the plugs parameters!!!

Friends, recently began some bugs with the plugs in Cub 8.5.15. The cub does not save the configuration plug with the project. After you save and then re-opening the project settings for plugs incorrect. I noticed at the moment it is a bug into the two plugs Philta XL and Blackhole. All handles plug settings (parameters) for the opening in the right position, as I changed, BUT! It sounds like the preset default settings, but I changed the settings. It should just turn the knob a little and then sound like I was set up.
For example MIX knob to Blackhole, while loading the project sounds like turned to a value 40, indicates in fact 6 (which I exhibited), just turn it little and then it all sounds like it should.
What is this nonsense, and how you can work with it? This is unacceptable. What plug-ins do not retain parameters except those that I have found?
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Win 7 x64, Cub 8.5.15 x64, Vst Plugs x64.

I’ve been more interesting, with some plug-ins is still going on. So you sit for hours in the wind the sound of hundreds of tracks. And after the opening times and some EQ is incorrect sounds. Just cub did not want to restore all settings after opening. And try to understand where the plugs with incorrect sounds. If you do notice it, handle it visually on the right place. Then you think I am deaf and do not know how to adjust the sound, or the cube knows himself and he spat on the plugin settings.
I do not understand why we need a program that will not remember all the settings anyway. Just a waste of time to twist knobs that do not remain !!!

:astonished: What?!?!?! :imp:

The feeling that I bought the program in demo mode, which does not store the settings. I’m angry!!!