8.5.15 - Is the broken Mouse Click fixed ??

Sure enough, it’s not mentioned …
Talkin’ about switching Inserts Bypass, etc. On/Off, does not work reliable in 8.5.10


No…only the 2 issues mentioned …it’s just an emergency patch rather than a full update.

Yep, they usually call it “quick fix” …

And that is the point, exactly. Breaking basic mouse clicking, is what needs to get fixed in an Quick Fix !

How did I know it won’t ?!

Oh well … you’ll never get too old, to learn new ways of working in Cubase, every few weeks !
And then relearn a few weeks later … then learn new ways of doing the same things …
and then relearn the old ways a few weeks later … and so on …


Can’t be that problematic, I haven’t noticed anything and I mouse a lot.

Additionally …
This should have been such an easy and save fix !
Done in a few minutes …

Common sense :
If You buy a cheap tablet / touch device, You accept beforehand, that it is unreliable:
touch commands often work on first ‘tip’, but every now and then, You’ll need two or more attempts.

BUT … Cubase is not $49,- , is it ?
Currently it ‘feels’ like 49,-, though.

Try a bit harder … it will only fail, if You really need it to work.

And most probably, it’s depending on mouse speed/acceleration settings.
( Working on 4 screens, here … )


Yea, and why was this mouse error not fixed now??? They released quick fix only for 2 issues? Was it too much to fix this mouse error too? Now we have to wait for another month or two? I simply don’t get it… strange things.

No,its not fixed.
This broken mouse click can be really annoying.