8.5.15 won't launch UR44 dspMIXFx Mixer

I just upgraded to 8.5.15 from Cubase 6 and can’t get the UR44 mixer app to even open!!
Keep getting error: “Cannot use USB port: it is being used by another application.”

I don’t have any other apps open except Google Chrome.

Cubase 6 the UR44 app works fine.

All I want to do is route the audio from youtube tutorials into the mix using the loopback fucntion so I can follow along w/ the tutorials.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


I don’t believe you use the UR App with Cubase.

All the functionality is controlled from within Cubase.


In Cubase 6 I can get to the Settings screen to click Loopback to record desktop audio

When I open Cubase 8.5.15 I get this:

The UR44 app is frozen and I CANNOT get tot the settings screen to place the device in loopback to record desktop audio.

Hope this clarifies the issue I’m having.

Thanks for any assistance.

As HugH said you can’t use the dspMix all control has to be done inside Cubase
Unless you uninstall the MR extension that cubase uses to control the interface. Then however you would loose the Hardware tab in the Cubase mixer, and all settings would have to be done from the dspMix/driver. Well at least that is my experience with the MR816x.

It’s in Devices/Audio Hardware Setup…it’s also clearly described in the manual :wink:

The problem was I could not hear any audio from the desktop or see any meters moving when in Cubase 8.5.15.

I just noticed on the UR Hardware forum that a new driver for the UR audio interfaces just came out so loaded it up and now I can hear audio and see the levels moving in Cubase 8.5.15.

Yes I see some of the controls for the UR44 in Devices/Audio Hardware now. I didn’t realize that they changed this in the new Cubase version 8.5.15. It actually makes a little more sense to integrate the controls of the UR Audio interfaces in Cubase since it is a Steinberg product. (;

Thanks for you assistance.