8.5.20 GUI Bug in the Horizontal Navigation Bar Area

Cubase Pro 8.5.20

Weird Chord Pad icon popping up when hovering the cursor around the bottom horizontal navigation bar.

Please view the picture:


It seems to be popping up when the cursor is hovering just slightly underneath the Horizontal bar in the remaining 3mm screen space if that makes sense.

Not a bug but a feature.

That’s indeed a feature. Try it at the other edges of the Cubase window :wink:

So we are calling things like this “features” now are we ?

Trying to help lazy people who put no effort into studying music theory or developing musical identities ?

I am a electronic sound designer at heart, I really have no interest for the chord track or chord pad as I think its a lame idea, hundreds of other great feature suggestions in the forums can go before this kind of stuff.

I would appreciate it if this pop up was not forced upon me, can someone please tell me that it can be turned off atleast ?

Not to mention that the MIDI Key Editor already has a comprehensive Chord Editing section.


No, the pop ups can’t be turned off yet, it’s a very popular request though, to say the least.

With all due respect though, Cubase caters to a wide variety of users, lazy and otherwise. :wink:

Please search the forum before posting to see if your issues are already being discussed.