8.5.25 when it comes out?

Hello guys , i stil waiting for the next update , i use the latest iMac retina and i get too much lag on the arrange screen and mixer too!
Anyone knows if there is is a fix for graphics for retina displays ?

Again… This was in 2016. Still no answer from Steinberg to Retina displays?

I mean, the thing here is the silence. Lack of communication. Even if it’s a negative answer.

How about checking the product forum before complaining. Everything you ask is posted there. :unamused:

I’ve been checking the product forum quite often man. I’m complaining and annoyed because I can’t find any solution to this.

There is no solution to this from all I’ve seen across the forums. Steinberg itself said this :frowning:

Or… Am I missing something? :wink:

You should just wait until they add Retina support. Like I said in another thread, there are many hints that they’re already preparing Cubase for this.

As for the thread starter’s lag issues, Cubase 9.5 greatly improves graphics performance on Mac OS. It’s perfectly usable, the only issue is that a few interface elements look sightly blurry.