8.5: any news on metronome / click?

Hi all.
I searched forum and webpage without result, sorry if this has been discussed earlier.

Question: are there any news regarding the metronome in Cubase 8.5?

I am still waiting for the following metronome features:

  • route metronome to a mixer channel
  • ability to automate volume and mute of the metronome

I work on lager projects (10 to 25 minutes). The musicians prefer to play on the drums rather than with the metronome. However there are long breaks where metronome is needed to bridge until drums jump in again or passages with very low volume where the loud click destroys the feeling.

If those who already have installed 8.5 could check if there are any new routing possibilities, I would be more than happy if you could share your findings.

Thank you.

Have a nice day.


What you want to do is already possible, just not with the built in click (that I’m aware of). Instead of using the built in click, set up a MIDI click connected to a VSTI (presumable a drum kit VSTI). This can all be done internally within Cubase. You’ll have a click on a mixer channel, with all the functionality of that mixer channel. Even though this is a “work around”, I think it’s actually quicker/easier to manage and manipulate than what assigning the built in click to a mixer channel would be. Of course, I have nothing but gut feeling to base that on.

Agree, setting up a simple repeating midi file with one repeating quarter note would accomplish this simply and more effectively as you could remove the files from the measures where you don’t want a click rather than automating a mute within the metronome control panel.

Perhaps we are missing something?

Thank you for your answers.
I agree and know all the workarounds.
Once a time map is finished I just connect an audio out of my interface to an audio in and then hit record…
A repeating midi file is not doable, as some projects feature dozens of bpm and signature changes, and when you have a 25 minutes song (I know… progressive rock suites…) the “manual recording” is the easiest way.
Thanks for the info (no changes on metronome).