8.5 Artist startup colors

When I start 8.5 Artist the font is white on a light grey background while it’s booting up.
Almost impossible to read what’s loading or where it is in the process without getting my face right up next to the screen.
Is there any way to change this, say like making the font darker?

File/ preferences, and there you will find colours galore.

Yes - there are a lot under File/Preferences/Appearance, once the program has loaded and is ready to use, but that’s not what I’m looking for.

I’m looking to change the color of the writing on the ‘splash’ screen, while the program is loading, before it’s ready to use.

Right now it’s white on a light grey background and very difficult to see how far the program has progressed in loading.
On other versions you’ll see stuff like ‘vst2’, ‘video’, ‘content’ and a whole bunch of other stuff scrolling along while the program is loading.
Like Cubase 10 is white writing on a black background. Very easy to see where it’s at in the loading process.

Maybe it’s not possible to do that though.