8.5 Auto Enable Read Automation is not good for me

when i want to select several events or parts in the event window, in previous versions, i would move the cursor to an automation lane (usually in a group track, which i use frequently) and drag upward to select the events that i want to highlight.

now in 8.5, when you click in an automation lane it auto-enables read and changes the value, which can’t be undone, thus slowing my workflow instead of speeding it up, since i have to open an earlier version of the project to determine what the original value was.

does anyone else work in this way and experience this problem?

my vote is to at least have a switch in preferences to turn it off



Have got the same problem. it happens often to me that I occasionally hit the automation lane of a group track, not a big showstopper but still…

+1 please. Mike.