8.5 bug - freeze on exit is back

With 8.0.30 freezing was gone if project was closed before quitting Cubase. I got used to closing first, all was good and fine, no more freezing on exit.
Now with 8.5 freezing is back again for me, I cannot close project anymore, it freezes while closing. Same project closes fine in 8.0.30. I cannot even kill Cubase anymore in Win10 via task manager, win10 blocks closing or something, there is some message, so I must restart PC every time I restart Cubase. Why, oh why is Steinberg unable to make a software that quits properly when you click close??? Can anybody give a good answer why is Cubase the ONLY DAW on planet that has problem with closing itself after you finish working on it?
Am I too demanding? Expecting too much? Is Steinberg saying that I should be satisfied with restarting PC in order to restart Cubase? Sorry, I cannot be satisfied like this. This app, no matter how shiny and powerful it is, is simply not working properly in its basic areas. This closing on exit is changing from update to update, sometimes it seems they fixed it, and then it appears again on next update.
It’s like having a car that you cannot turn off unless you pop the hood and unplug the battery every time you park it. Something is broken. This car needs fixing.

Can it be predicted what systems will happen on? I’ve been quite excited reading about 8.5, but probably wouldn’t want to use it if I had that problem. I guess I can wait till the trial version comes out.

I actually have the reverse ‘feature’: I have no freeze on exit now, whereas I did before. Go figure!

8.0.30 would occasionally freeze on exit for me on my windows machine (win 7 and win 10). right now i am away from my windows machine and only running 8.5 on my mac which has never had this problem.

i do remember someone saying that they timed it and if you didn’t force it to close with the task manager it would close in something like 16 minutes every time. i noticed that this was true for me too. this issue has been there for several versions of cubase and a couple of rebuilds (new processor and motherboards) of my studio computer.

i am glad that it only happens occasionally for me.

wonder if we will ever discover what causes this issue?!?

getting it here too
didnt happen on this system before with c6/c6.5/c7/c7.5/c8 so something is definitely broken
tried reinstalling with full version… same issue.
if i open cubase and just close it no problem. (pretty pointless)
its only when i open a project and then attempt close.
closing either way (project 1st then file exit or file exit alone or using X)
steinberg…issue a hotfix please.

now if youll excuse me i have to get back to beta testing…way more fun than making music
and i even got to pay for the privilege! wow

I confirm this sh** too.

I do not experience this bug with my Cubase Pro 8.5 installation. It closes down without issue. Could it be a buggy plugin?

Closes perfect here too and im running automap

I got quite the contrary going on here: 8.5 smooth exit, while 8.0.30 freezes on exit (Win 7, at least I can kill the app).

That was in fact the first thing I checked after upgrading, was happy to see it fixed… clearly not for everyone, sorry.

I have crash on exit - seems to be being caused by Ozone 7, was fine in previous versions

No crash on exit here (but I never had this kind of problem).

Running Win 7 and not seeing this problem.

Freeze up on closing happening here again on 8.5 after having it work fine after doing the work around in 8 doing the registry video fix. Just installed 8.5, not sure yet how often this may occur.

…well, later tonight (this morning) closed the session, and worked fine. We’ll see. Gotta say, the workflow improvements overall have been helpful, this is sort of a utility upgrade that I happen to be liking a lot in general.

Yep cubase 8.0.30 =fine, but 8.5= freeze on exit.

I had this issue with 8.0.30 but did the video fix and it was fine, will add it to 8.5 then remove it as cubase did not like it kept in the reg, but its fdixed it for me after i open once, so and hope it works like last time, wish me luck.

I also have hang on exit. I could narrow it down to the videoengine of Cubase trying to shut down.

So everyone who has this problem try the following:

Go to your Steinberg Applicationfolder into the “Components” Folder
There you find 4 files wich are video related. Move these files into a different folder so that cubase cannont see them.

The videoengine isn’t loaded anymore an i have no crashes on exit anymore.
The registry hack didn’t work on my mashine

this might also work for you

But: If you need videosupport this is no option

For my hardware I have added extra things in my folder, so thanks for the advice but would be nice if you list the files you are saying should be moved so no mistakes are made. cheers!

Yeah Sorry,

Thought they would be easy to find.

its the following files that have to be moved out of reach for cubase


Moving these solved my “hang on exit” Problem as i am pretty sure its related to the videoengine

No such problem here. I’ve not had it since 8.0.20.

Yes, thats seems to work for me thx, not sure but i think it may have also made my plugins load a bit buggie.

anyone had the same after usinbg this trick?

So far i havn’t had any issues with plugins after this.