8.5 crashes when saving, after using Kontakt 5 slice

Another lovely and logical Cubase crash:

Everytime I use the slice function in Kontakt, Cubase crashes when I try to save. This is the first time i’ve been using slice in 8.5. so I havent noticed it before. It is a tool I use a lot normally, so I would appreciate a decent solution.

To be honost, I’m starting to become very disappointed with Steinberg. The software-functionality is great, but stability is a major issue. I know a lot of proffesionals who’ve changed platforms because of this, and I’m considering this also. I cant spend hours every week, solving crashes and using work-arounds. And frankly, the response time of support has also increased.

Please solve above mentioned problem.

Well put - great functionality, but a lot of instability. I’ve been a cubase guy a long time, and V 8.5 is the worst I’ve seen. And from the posts I’ve read, I’m not seeing much response from Steinberg - just silence.
Hoping they start treating this like a pro recording platform again very soon, or it may be time for a change.

I played with slices in Kontakt 5, saved .nki, saved Cubase project, tried audio mixdown… No crashes or any signs of instability whatsoever. Either Cubase isn’t the culprit or you didn’t describe what you’re trying to do properly.