8.5 demo expiring took out my 8.0 Retrologue license!

I installed the 8.5 demo to give it a spin. It expired today. Now I’m getting the message “No valid license for Retrologue” for my original Retrologue under 8.0. Did the eLicenser maintenance - didn’t help.

Any suggestions?

C8.5 comes with Retrologue 2, which was probably installed with the trial. Try uninstalling Retrologue2 (keep Retrologue 1).

Got it back. I found out that Retrologue 2 overwrites Retrologue 1, and shows only as “Retrologue” under Installed Programs (should have mentioned this is on Windows).

I tried running the Retrologue 1 installer, and selecting “Reinstall” ,which didn’t help.

I then fully uninstalled Retrologue, then ran the installer again, and it was back.

Good to know, thanks for posting the solution, I bet others are going to have the same problem.

Glad you got it. For future reference, in the Windows programs, there is a link, “show installed updates”. This MAY have allowed you to just uninstall the update (i.e. Revert to RETROLOGUE 1). I guess it depends on exactly how the installer registers the install with the windows registry.