8.5 Drum Editor & Visibility Agents

The new 8.5 feature Drum Editor Visibility Agents is a disappointment to me.
If you have a Steinberg drum VST I suppose it works okay, and I think BFD3 also returns the names of the drums. But what about all the others?
Now you can choose to see ALL the drum slots or only the one with data. This renders the feature useless for none VST3 drum software, because the time where you actually need to see the names of the drums is when you are programming them.
So in my situation I have created a map for VSL Snare Drum, and they are fairly spread over the full keyboard. Now it would be nice to be able to concentrate only on the cells in the map that I have altered, but that is not possible. :cry:

It would be so nice if SB would just dig a little bit deeper into different scenarios, maybe sacrifice some of the features that appeals to non-musicians and focus on bringing this very nice DAW to excellence.

I’m not sure what difference there would be between a Steinberg VST3 or BFD3 vs. Toontrack or Battery. Can you explain further?

I think what you are saying is that to manually program you need the tracks fully open, therefore you are scrolling up and down because you can’t delete specific tracks?

The ability to delete specific drum tracks would have been nice. Also to move multiple tracks and re-order them with the standard windows commands would have been nice. But at least now I can load a Superior Drummer SDX and use the visibility agent to eliminate 80% of non-data tracks. And at the very least they are finally addressing the drum editor after ignoring it for years.