8.5 files crashing 9.5

I recently upgraded from 8.5 pro to 9.5 pro. For some reason I did a full install of 9.5 so now I have both 8.5 and 9.5 pro on my machine. When I open and work on the 8.5 song files in 9.5 it crashes after a few minutes.

Shouldn’t they work in 9.5? Or do I have to uninstall 9.5 and install it again as just the upgrade to 8.5?




Yes, the projects should work. Your setup is correct and very common (to have 2 Cubase versions).

Most often this cause some plug-in. Make sure your plugins are up to date, please.

Hmmm. I’m all UA plug ins but will try reauthorizing. Error message Said it crashed (or in a few cases couldn’t open) because it was created with Cubase version 1.xxx.xx.

Hi Martin. Thank you for the suggestion. Seems to be working fine now!