8.5 Furthest rightchannel being hidden by Control Room Panel

Opening the mixer and the furthest channel to the rightin the right zone(Pretty much the Stereo Out) is hidden by the Control Room panel and making a modification to the mixer window(like opening/closing the channel selector or clicking and dragging the side of the control room panel) or closing and reopening make it re-appear??

Has anyone else experienced this?

Pic attached, Stereo out channel being hidden.

Surely that’s the furthest channel to the right in the left zone?

Have you tried the mixer reset function? nb: there is one function to reset the settings and another to rest the gui…not quite sure what they are called without it in front of me, but they’re both in the drop down from the arrow symbol at top right of mixer.

LOL, yep, don’t know what i was thinking, right channel furthest to the right, doh!

I haven’t tried the reset function but I’m only seeing one in the drop down list, ‘Reset MixConsole Channels’ …unless you are referring to ‘Reset Meters’ ?

AHh…been a while since I did this so I’d forgotten an important part of the instruction.

Don’t reset channels as your mix will be zeroed.

Try holding down Ctrl (or possibly Alt) as you open the menu and see if you get a different option…that’s the one you want!

Yeah I’m aware of what that does, handy little tool.

Nothing happens with Ctri or Alt

Anyway cheers for your suggestions but I’m sure it is a bug… just happens intermittently, I’m sure at one point I might find a specific cause.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Same here. “Stereo out” hovering :frowning: Cubase 8.0.3 doesn’t have that. Trash preferences not help.

Hmnn…checked back and found in other posts that Alt key plus selecting that menu should make Reset MixConsole Window available but this was in earlier versions…will try it in 8.5 tonight. Maybe Sb decided it wan’t needed any more!!

I’m having the same issue, when I open the mixer my stereo out (on the right side) is not visible until I hit F or G to zoom in/out and then it pops up.

Just checked here and holding Alt while selecting that menu should definitely give you the option to Reset MixConsole Window.