8.5 half the install size of 8.0?

Hi, I just upgraded from Cubase Pro 8.0 to Cubase Pro 8.5, and noticed when I go into the Programs on Windows that the new version is half the size as the previous one… is this normal? I usually don’t keep 2 versions on my computer so I was about to delete version 8.0 when I noticed the significant difference in file size and got worried I might delete something I should not.


Can someone please advise/clarify/confirm?


Holy Cr*p, Batman! I just installed 7.5 last week and this week I moved to 8.5 and was wondering the same thing!!! 8.5 didn’t overwrite anything that I could immediately discern. I do have LE4 running 32 bit and had 7.5 running 64 with no known issues. I figured since LE4 was so old and separated by “bits”, I’d be ok removing everything 4 related and file dated many years ago. Similar to your issue, I’m wondering why nothing appears overwritten or shared and do I need 2 versions?

Is there anybody…out there?