8.5 licenses missing

I’ve sent in two support tickets for this in the past week and and received no response.

My 8.5 license has disappeared from both eLicenser and the Products Registration page.

I also own 9.5 so I still have access to support although support has not responded.

Additionally, another of my team member has now had the same thing happen. (We bought these product at different times and circumstances.) It seems like this is either a decision or issue that is Steinberg-wide.

My team member does not have 9.5 nor can she take advantage of the the upgrade offer to 9.5 since Steinberg is not allowing her to access her registration or eLicenser license. So she cannot work.

Anybody home? Hello?


I don’t know about your coworker, but on your elicenser, if you bought a Version 9.5 upgrade from 8.5, the 8.5 license will no longer appear on that elicenser or in your account. It will only show the Version 9.5 license. But that Version 9.5 license will still let you use Version 8.5 and 9.5 (even simultaneously) on the computer the elicenser is plugged in to.

There’s no reason I know of to put 2 full version licenses on one elicenser (not sure it’ll even let you do that). Because the Version 9.5 license also covers all previous versions.

In fact, if she doesn’t have a 9.5 license, this is a different problem if the 8.5 license disappeared from her e-Licenser (and certainly not normal or Steinberg ‘policy’). Does she have a MySteinberg account? There you can normally check what your licenses are and on which license key they should be located.

For this kind of issue, you should contact Steinberg official support.