8.5 media bay "RACK" cant access user content

the new “rack” media bay window that integrates with the project window in 8 you could access local disks and user content like the standard media bay … the new 8.5 one,however, has taken away that option … what, may i ask, is the point of having media bay docked to the project when you can only access factory content and not your own?

or am i missing something???

ok it accesses all user content in one window all at the same time so i have about a hundred “hi hat” samples named hi hat 1 listed one after the other … smooth, no deep scan button like in v 8

You have to select the “show all items” up right (se picture) to get to the old view. I’ve got folders and subfolders just like before.

Hi :slight_smile:

Exactly, like LarsErik said you have to click on “show all items”.

About the MediaBay Rack and the Thumbnails, Unfortunately the thumbnails only show the in-house stuff :frowning:
support here to see third party thumbnails : MediaBay Thumbnails : Third Party Plugins & Samples

cheers yeah figured it out late last night … nothing in the manual about it just click buttons randomly until something works hey