8.5 - Missing Libraries & Presets?

I just added a Win10 OS drive to my existing Win7 workstation. I can now choose either OS via Boot Manager.
In windows 7, I had originally installed Cubase 7.5 and upgraded all the way up to 8.5.
In windows 10, I installed only 8.5.
In going through my projects in Win 10, I am seeing that several projects are missing a few Groove Agent libraries and also a few of the Steingberg plugin templates. These are not presets or templates I created, I’m referring to the ones that came with Cubase. It appears that installing 8.5 alone does not complete libraries. What gives? Are some of the past libraries and templates omitted with each release of Cubase? Am I suppose to install every version of Cubase I’ve used starting with version 5 to ensure 100% project backward compatibility?

Any advice appreciated.

You need to install the original 8.0.0 file, which I think is about 9.5 gig in size. The 8.5 installer is actually an add on to the previous one. Whilst it has it’s own folder it has access to the previous ones. However I did find that I had to transfer my own preferences and some plugin presets manually. I’m not sure about the libraries as I never use Steinberg plugins or vsti’s apart from Padshop and Quadrafuzz - sounds terrible but true.

Thanks. Do I need to uninstall 8.5, install 8.0 and then reinstall 8.5?

Well, there is no need to install 8.0
You can find a complete 8.5 installer on your My Steinberg area (9.4 gigas)

Thanks. I will download and give a try because installing the 8.0 installer didn’t work either. Still missing halion library groove agent and a mess of other things. Never had this problem before when I’ve done fresh installs. I’m not changing drive paths. I am using all defaults. Not sure why libraries are missing.

That did it! Thanks

I’m glad to help!