8.5 MixConsole Zoom

Cubase 8.5 resets horizontal zoom in MixConsole every time the project is reopened.
It doesn’t matter how much you zoom in or out, after reloading the project zoom is always in some middle positon.
And the far right track is always hidden.

Did you solve that problem somehow?
I’m experiencing a similar behavior and it’s really annoying.
This is on OSX 9.5 and Cubase Pro 8.5.15, in 8.5.10 it was the same.
Safemode/thrashing preferences made it even worse, in Safemode it looses the zoom settings with every closing and reopening the MixConsole.
Deleted all previous Cubase versions and their prefs, repaired permission and reinstalled the latest Update…
I really don’t want to reinstall the OS, it’s such a pain.


I’ve updated to 8.5.15 and it is still there (on Windows 10 x64).

The only one thing that has been kind of improved since then is that now Zoom resets less drasctically on 8.5.15.

It’s not that Zoom Full In / Zoom Full Out. Channels just appear a bit bigger than used to be during the previous session.

And the last track on the right (Master) is still hidden when you open the project. You have to “g/h” or scroll to make it visible.

Hmm switching to windows 10 was what i planned to do if i can’t get rid of this bug, looks like it’s not a bullet proof solution :frowning:
I updated to OSX 10.11.5 today, still the same… next up is manually uninstalling Cubase and a reinstall… if that doesn’t help im going to do a fresh system install.

I’m actually having some more strange issues with Cubase, it doesn’t remember one of the preference settings and one of my plugins doesn’t save it settings with the project and resets…

What kind a hard drive are you using? I’m on a Samsung SSD 840 EVO…

Well as a complicated piece of software Cubase definitely has it’s issues here and there.

For example I have to re-add my MIDI Keyboard Controller Section as a Generic Controller time after time. I can work with it through several sessions and then one day somehow it wouldn’t be there anymore.

So I would have to go to Device Setup window and add the Generic Controller once again. And it would go well for another several sessions.

Or as another example I’m having this kind of Cubase/WaveLab communication problem: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=230&t=98076

As for the hard drive model, you’ve asked. It is a OCZ Agility SSD if my memory serves me right. Though I’m not sure whether there were any model numbers or generations. Bought it around early 2013.

I’m experiencing the same problem on a Win 7 system. It’s not consistent, so it’s difficult to diagnose. And it’s annoying to have to start every session this way.

Just curious, has anyone created a macro to automatically ‘fit’ the tracks in the MixConsole so that they’re all visible without any unused space (to save from pressing the “g” key a dozen times)?

I also have a similar problem in the track view ( 8.5.15 fails to remember the zoom setting when I close a project).


I remember thinking of doing that…somewhen. But haven’t got it done for some reason. Hard to tell now why exactly.

Besides I remember in Cubase versions prior to 7 or may be 7.5 there was an annoying issue with tracks (in the main window) being randomly resized from session to session.

That was when I made my “trademark” keyboard shortcut shift+2 to size all tracks to 2 lines hieght :slight_smile: .