8.5 Music out of time for a second when first playing

I’ve noticed another strange ‘bug’ in 8.5. After pressing play a second or so in the music will skip. Noticed it with MIDI not sure about audio.

)It’s not ASIO spiking either)

Anyone else experienced this?

For me this has been happening since CB 7.

It happens 50% of the time when I open my first project of the day. When it happens it is always a midi track and it only happens once. The track is usually running a Halion SE instrument. I’ve seen other posts where the conclusion seems to point to a VSTi that is still loading in the background. I never noticed but maybe it happens only when I open that first project immediately after Cubase starts. Could be that waiting 30 seconds or so will prevent it?

It really hasn’t bothered me. I just hit stop & play again and it’s gone. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Interesting, I actually think you’re on to something regarding Halion, working in a project just now with a Piano from Halion and I’m sure I was hearing it play out of time for a note) …Not the start of the day though, been working in it all day and I do open/close it usually before opening another project

Strange I’d now get this with 8.5 and you’ve had it since 7.

Ofcourse it’s not a major issue but it is not expected behaviour and should be rectified.

Cheers :slight_smile: