8.5 not playing with Lynx AES16

Hi PG,

Finally made the switch from wl6/xp to a new system running win7 pro 64 bit and wl8.5. I’m using a Lynx AES16. Everything installed fine, wavelab sees the Lynx as it should, but I can’t start playback using the ASIO driver for the Lynx. Literally I press play and nothing happens. It works fine if I use the MME driver, but I need to use the ASIO driver. I installed the latest firmware/drivers for the Lynx, to no avail.

Any ideas? Thank you!

The only time that happens to me is when the sampling rate in the interface software is locked to something other than the montage or file I’m trying to play back. Is the Lynx software showing the same rate as the file or montage you’re trying to play? Clock set to internal or external? Try switching to internal clock and restarting everything.

Yes this is a clocking issue, where WL expected samplerate and samplerate on device differ AND where the device is clock master

thanks guys. pretty sure i tried it with both internal and external clocks and neither worked, but i’ll check it out again when i’m back at the studio later today.