8.5 Ruler Locator issue, please help

Locator can not be set like this by clicking.

When the little pencil icon appears in the ruler I click and nothing happen. The only way to set one locator it is to click and drug mouse a little. I found it very uncomfortable. This mouse drag need to be very accurate, otherwise I end up like this:

Is this bug or Revolutionary New Feature?
Does anyone else experience this?

I tried to submit issue report but my thread does not appear in the Issue Report area. Great.

This little thing makes the whole update unusable for me :frowning:

Cubase 8.5 x64
Windows 10 x64
i5 3570k
geforce GTX 760 , driver version 353.82


This is not new. It depends on your Snap settings. If your Snap is switched On, and the Grid is set, you can very easily set L and R locators to the same position. If the Snap is switched Off, you can set L and R locators freely.

I think you misunderstand what I meant.
I mean I can’t set single locator (white triangle) by just clicking on the special ruler area.
When I click nothing happen.
I think I should make video explanation :slight_smile:

You can also hold “Control” and click to position the left locator and hold “Alt” and click to position the right locator.

I know, but the problem is that I can’t place this kind of locator by clicking:

Left and right work as always.

OK, here is video explanation

This is how it used to be in 8.0.30

And this is how it is now

BTW, that ‘type’ of locator is actually the left and right locators on the same position, their two triangles butting together to make a different/larger triangle, not a different type of locator, or one single locator.

Yes, I see that the operation has changed from your video, but why do you want to put them both at the same place? Is it just for tidyness? I ask because that’s not a logical way of using them because they are loop markers, left and right, and as such they need to be in different places to work like that.

Actually, I don’t like the way it V8.0 changes my l/r loop markers to the same position when I click on the ruler, so I’ll be happy with this change when I’ve upgraded… Sorry, each to their own :slight_smile:


That’s the way get used to work. When I don’t use Cycle range I keep it in the “single locator mode”. It’s just a habit I got after 15 years working with DAWs.
And I know that is L and R together
By the way, even if I use it as L and R as range this issue still annoying!!! Here is one more video :slight_smile:
(i’m not using ctrl+click here though)

Need to Ctrl+click to set locator feel so much different after many years of just clicking.

Sooo… Is this normal behavior now??

Anyone? I have the same issue, I got used to set the left and right locators to the same position with just one click, and now it’s changed. Is there a way to go back to the previous behavior?

So, is anyone at Steinberg even listening? Could you please confirm if there’s a way to return to the way it worked since SX3? I looked all over the manual and couldn’t find anything.

My issue report thread was accepted in the specialized forum area. Lets hope they’ll fix it. I’m still not used to this behaviour. The whole 8.5 impression was ruined by this silly little thing for me.

Yeah, seems you no longer get the pencil tool when hovering the mouse at the top of the ruler bar, within a cycle range - you have to press CTRL or ALT first. Outside of a Cycle range, when setting fresh Locator points, I can live with the new behaviour needing a ‘click and slight drag’, as @Detch notes in his first post…

But if it can be made to work like before, and include the pencil tool within a Cycle Range as well - that would be great…?

And one other thing - prior to the v8.5 update, when you set the L and R backwards (R before L) the bar between used to change brown/red in colour, clearly indicating reversed Locators. Very useful (on the occasions I used it).

Is there any workaround coming into sight?
I returned to 8.0.3 just because of this issue.

i don’t know why the UX keeps deteriorating with new cubendo versions.

this is what i had to program and what i believe is the most UX-friendly implementation of setting up the left and right locators, on the fly, unrelated to where the project cursor currently is: http://tinypic.com/player.php?v=30hy3nr>&s=8#.VOoPV_mjO3E

this shows the added functionality of setting the project cursor to wherever the mouse cursor is currently located on the horizontal axis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ellGhSdmXfk&t=9m13s

So good…! Studio One has this ability, built-in - you just use CTRL+Spacebar and the playhead locates to the mouse cursor, anytime and wherever you are in the project. Its completely and utterly and devilishly good to use… :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing @lukasbrooklyn; though, am hesitant to install AutoHotkey mind, to get this in Cubase… Also, I read from the comments posted on YouTube that the script parameters need changing each time you scroll or re-zoom the screen…? Maybe I’ve not understood fully…

Anyway, there is already the ‘Locate when clicking in empty space’ option - that for me, just needs extending somehow to include clicking anywhere in the project window (yes ok, with a modifier I guess, when the cursor is over non-empty space…! Job done…)

@Puma0382: thank you for the hint.
The ‘Locate when clicking in empty space’ - option will be a workaround for me.

BUT: this does not work with the audio editor.

How can I jump within the audio editor to a special point and quickly set a single locator to steer the playback from this point with the keyboard-key “1” without clicking the mouse and drawing it a little bit ?
Do I always have to click “Control” and click in future?

In Cubase 8.0.3, I just had to click anywhere into the ruler and then press “1” .

In the audio editor, It seems to be the same issue as Detch described in his earlier posts here.

yes it was a real hassle (for me as a non-programmer anyway) to adjust the macro so that it’s universal and works even when you displace your window or when the sample or key editor windows have focus. but i somehow made it, though it’s tailored to my system and probably will not work universally. i don’t know why steinberg are so imcompetent at these things.

Steinberg, please bring back the old ruler behaviour as a feature in the preferences.

Please steinberg, dont forget to fix it.