8.5 track automation from v8 project mutes audio

Just installed and opened a project I"m working on today. Delighted with the new track add features and ‘e’ button on inserts!

However, 2 groups remained silent even though the tracks feeding those groups appeared to be passing audio. As soon as I deleted the groups and remade the groups and reassigned everything the audio passed into the groups. This could be a serious problem for opening mixes with lots of group automation though as you would need to delete the group and remake it to get around the bug.

By the looks of it this is a V8 to V8.5 problem opening projects. Perhaps new Group behaviour has created the problem.

Any more reports of the same?

The plot thickens. Just clicked into automation on a snare track and the audio has stopped as soon as I touched an automation lane.

The groups that I was having problems with earlier had a small bit of automation on them. Is there an Automation bug?


I think I do have the some issue on Mac OSx with my Guitars Track…


same problem for me on win 7 on new and old projects …back using version 8

Are you using any VCA ?

No using VCA tracks no. I’m seeing a lot of users with the same issue since 8.5

Some things you can live with as bugs to work around but this is unworkable. When the muting occurs its a game over scenario. You’ll notice when you touch the channel fader with the mouse the audio comes back but when you release the mouse it mutes again. Theres something snappig the audio back to infinity.

I’ve logged it in with support so as usual I should get a reply in about 10 days or so!!!

I have this problem as well. Renders Cubase 8.5 unusable for these projects.

Happening here too 8.5.15. Have a vca open, using Tec Control breath controller and its just created random mute automation on multiple channels linked to the vca.