8.5 upgrade to latest version - Mac

Hi - I know my mac isn’t supported but I can’t upgrade from Mojave as this would break a lot of other apps that I rely on (Virus Control for one for my Access Virus’).
Also my mac is 5.1 and I don’t, like most, have thousands to throw at the latest hardware when I have a very speedy 12 core Mac running perfectly well.
I’ve read a lot of people have successfully installed Cubase 12 on to Mojave and it’s running just fine if unsupported by Steinberg. I don’t particularly care about that -after all there’s nothing I can do about it.
My main question is regarding the install.
If I download the trial version, will this interfere with or overwrite my existing 8.5 install which obviously I can’t afford to happen ?

Kind regards.


Hi, no it will not mess up previous installations of Cubase.

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