8.5 view options?

Hi all,

I’ve just come back to Cubase after many years away, last time i used it was SX 10 or more years ago.

Anyway, i’m missing a feature or at least can’t find it:

In SX you had a button at the top left which was a sort of eye looking down on the whole project, which would (when pressed) give you a bar at the top that let you easily navigate the whole project. Has this function been removed?

And another question related to this: say i’m zoomed in to a couple of bars. Now i want to move the whole timeline left or right a few bars. Is there any way to do this without mousing down to the bottom to horizontal scroll bar? I would hope you could shift and drag left or right in the top bar to scroll left or right or some such functionality?!

Thanks! …J

Ahhh, i’ve found it, “overview line”!

Re moving the timeline, have you tried pressing the middle mouse button and dragging? It should turn the pointer into a hand and pull the arrangement side to side. I think it’s by default and not a functionality that I have programmed.

Shift + scroll wheel on your mouse

Thanks guys, only thing is, i’m using a Wacom tablet, so no mouse wheel! :frowning: