8.5: What Are The New Key Commands?

Annual Plea…

What are the new key commands in 8.5.

For new comers, there are always at least a few new key commands that are NOT documented (Hey, SB doesn’t even bother to create a What’s New anymore. )

So… who’s found 'em? What are they?

Dish. Dish!

I have found…ZERO.

But I have already spent too much time learning and re-configuring 8.5 to really look.

For example, the first things I looked for and didn’t find were the button for the drum editor to “show only used.” If Steinberg believes in any consistency they will add it soon. Also KC’s for the goofy (IMO) functions where you have to slowly aim the mouse right at the sides to bring up options. (excluding the KC that exists for the inspector on the left side.)

Historically, KC’s are low priority it seems, but I’m confident 8.5 KC’s will happen…except for the obvious ones prior to C7 that have been begging for years.

Confidence and hopelessness all in one sentence. You should run for office. :smiley:

The first thing I do when I’m setting up a new Cubase system is to put the “Key commands” window on a hot key. I simply use K.
Then any time you do something with the menu system you can immediately open the Key commands window and it will be sitting on the most recent command.

You can learn the existing commands this way and also create unique commands for items that might not have any yet.
Hope that helps.

ive noticed that some standard commands are changed,also i bet they didnt fix all the broken kc’s

i found some new ones in gen remote …and they changed the menu placement for some things…and whats weird some of the same things are in diff places in the gen remote …i had to go thru my whole lemur project

They should assign a key command to “edit VST instrument”, ok there are racks but you still have to use clicking maschine :wink:

This key command has existed for years. It’s just not assigned by default so you have to go to the key commands window and add it yourself. It’s one of my most used key commands.

This is frustrating I always hate to find this out. One of the things I love about Pro Tools and Cubase is they have kept most of them the same over the years. Logic on the other hand decided to change whatever they want when they want even during version updates not just the major releases. Makes it kind of pointless to try to use and memorize the defaults.

I personally have done my best to keep all the default cubase commands in and only changed 2 and built all my other commands around them. Again frustrating when I find they change them.

I too would like to see the “What’s New” documentation with all these little details, I haven’t updated yet and looking for new things like key commands I have been wanting/needing. Also things like missing key commands in Nuendo 7 frustrate the dickens out of me when they are found in Cubase.