8.5 will not download

Tried al day yesterday and today- download fails after 5 to 6 G :confused: Bs- anybody else having this problem? Any solutions?


I downloaded the update and the complete installer without problems

  1. Try a different browser
  2. Use a download manager

Thanks Makumbaria,

I did try different browsers. Do you use a download manager? Which one?

You can try this one:

free download manager:


Thanks again Makumbaria.
Trying it now (5 hr download time ) ;(

Failed to me a couple of times also
heres what I eventually done, using firefox (after it crapped out after 8GB)
I renamed the .part file and then redownloaded it, pressed pause, copy the old file over the new one and press resume download, it will start downloading from the place it crapped out at (in my case 8GB)

Thanks Pulpfiction ! I will try that tonight.