8 Extra Adat Inputs?


I’m currently using my only ADAT ‘in’ on my MR816 to bring a stereo digital input (from my Benchmark adc-1) back into Cubase 9.5 (drum overheads, stereo acoustic guitars, etc. I then send another digital out of my Benchmark adc-1 to my dac-1 for headphone monitoring. I want the ability to bring 8 additional external pre amps back into Cubase via ADAT (via an 8 channel A to D), but obviously cannot.

The only solution I can see would be to unplug the current ADAT in, and replace it with the 8 channel A to D ADAT. Not what I really won’t to have to do every time I’m tracking, plus, I then loose my stereo in A to D.

Can anyone come up with a solution? If were to purchase a second MR816 and daisy chain them, would I then have TWO separate ADAT ins?


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