8 hours to download upgrade - normal?

whats up with the download time… Im upgrading from 8.5 to 9 (mac OSX) , so 2.5GB
and its quoting 7.5 (seven) hours to download

its not my internet connection, as I’m getting reasonable download speeds elsewhere…

I get that Steinbergs servers might be busy, but surely this is to be expected on launch day, and plans made to smooth this out… a couple hours, would be bad, but seriously over 7 hours, that ridiculous…

oh, and Im getting the elicenser issues too

come on Steinberg, if your going to make a yearly release, perhaps make sure your infrastructure can support it!

edit: not sure if its relevant, but Im located in europe… perhaps poor quality mirrors?

edit2: seems I should have been grateful with 7.5 hours , its now up to 8 hours 53 minutes.


Yes i guess the servers are struggling.

I’m in Canada. Software update download took 2+ hours, but arrived.

eLicenser “maintenance tasks” are failing due to time-outs.