8 input recording better on firewire than USB??

Is it true that if I want to multi-track drums with all 8 inputs active, I better go with firewire because USB 2.0 won’t be able to handle all 8 inputs recording at once? Everyone keeps telling me this and I need the truth. Focusrite, Presonus and Steinberg all offer 8 input USB and firewire interfaces… so what is the difference?

That used to be true a long time ago. USB2 can handle a lot with proper drivers on the interface side. RME’s Fireface UFX has 30 channels both in/out - seems to work :sunglasses:

As marQs says - of course USB 2.0 can handle 8 channels easily - why would all those manufacturers built such devices, if they didn´t work…? You should stop listening to everyone…