8 slashes in a 4/4 bar

Hello, when I tried to reduce the size of the sashes a strange thing happened that I can’t get away (cmmndZ) …what did I do wrong?
Bildschirmfoto 2022-02-17 um 14.19.02
Bildschirmfoto 2022-02-17 um 14.19.10

What does 8 slashes in 4/4 mean?


Probably easiest if you can share your project, or a saved-as version that just contains these few bars. Although, is it possible you accidentally deleted a barline? Make sure signposts (including time signature signposts) are shown to check.

Have you changed the notehead set used in slash regions in Engraving Options > Notes > Rhythmic Slashes (that’s the path in English, of course). There’s a “small” set.

Colors.dorico.zip (1.7 MB)
Here it is…

My guess is that you may have deleted a barline, perhaps? Try switching on signposts to see if there’s a red time signature signpost at the start of bar 28.

I dont think so…still 8 bars in that line…

Yes, you deleted at least one barline and had a number of red signposts indicating perhaps where you’ve input barlines manually?

Here’s your project back with (hopefully) the right number of bars and right number of beats within them, and removed barline overrides.

Additionally, if you don’t want to see the instrument name on every system, the way to do that is here rather than by deleting the instrument’s name entirely. The tell-tale sign is the gap between the left page margin and the start of each system – you don’t get that gap when staff labels are hidden using the layout option.

I also reduced the minimum note spacing in the layout, which gives Dorico a bit more flexibility when calculating the width of notes etc.

The playback template here is “Silence” to make the file size smaller.

Colors_LH.dorico (845.7 KB)

Thats more than strange I didn’t do any of this, just went to Engrave options for adjusting the size of the slash regions…

Thank you…