80`s Cover

hi there ,id just like a comment on the mix ,being trying to copy this 80s one, i used white noise(no it wasnt it was pink) and a gate for the snare but i dont know if i`ve pulled it off . ta

Good solo; I would like to say that, though I don’t even know what you’re covering, because I missed that band. And to be honest, I’m fine with that. I didn’t pick up where the white noise was! Otherwise, it sounds solid, and like a recording from the 80’s!

cheers Leon regarding which band it is written by…whitesnake ha ha, soz. it was actualy pink noise not white noise, that is the noise with the snare done via the test or sound generator plugin found in tools, set it to pink noise on an fx channel with a gate on the same fx channel but after it and then sidechain the gate to the snare drum .
somebody asked me to do this cover and i just got more and more involved with it the production on that track is amazing ,imo .all my tones are too harsh though .

Noise and gate on the snare works great. - Ill be stealing that trick!

Did you use any tape emulation? That could help get the softer tone your after, original will have almost certainly been done on tape.

Great Job.


cheers for the listen Ben ,i nicked the trick from" Into The Lair, Mix Engineer Dave Pensado",he was there doing it in the 80s ,he also has great ideas and hes very droll,funny .
its funny you should mention tape emulation ,i sometimes try mixing down on to an old 4 track cassette deck i havnt yet tried it yet on this track,cause it`s a pain setting it all up ,yeh i should maybe try some emulation ,ta for the reminder .

Listened again now that I understand how you used the pink noise. It does sound like a snare from those days! Neat trick. Wondering if you could just substitute the snare for a gunshot sound. I love the wide variety of sounds you get on the guitars, by the way. Sounds like you have sometimes four guitar tracks at a time? The rhythm part is always played twice, once on left, once on right? And you never use the neck pickup, right?

Hi Leon i know what you mean about a gunshot sound might be worth trying something like that,somtimes i sit their and think how can i inject energy into this drum machine ,there must be tons of tricks.
yes all the rhythm parts which sound left and right were played twice each,sometimes ill play the same parts with different guitars through different amps or processor just to get a natural separation the ones which sound mono and more central were just single takes . no i didnt use the neck pickup on it`s own at all ,it was all bridge pickup , on the straty type picking bit one of the guitars was set to middle position but the other was bridge pickup ,could be why it all sounds a bit edgy?

Well, sounds very 80’s to me, so in that regard it’s clearly a success! :slight_smile: Interesting to read about the snare technique used. Not heard of that before. I’ve achieved a somewhat similar thing with a snare reverb with very exaggerated highs.

Where’s the vocal? And the dude with the long blonde wig? :smiley:

thanks for the listen and comment Sherz here`s a mix with vocals i ran this mix onto a cassette recorder . https://soundcloud.com/user-164984809/here-i-go-again

Overall, very nice. The snare/noise thing - It’s good - but as far as snare sounds go somehow I feel this needs a giant reverb-soaked monster snare sound … (I remember the song but not very well). I know you didn’t ask for it but … leading up to the chorus the song has some nice tension but I feel like the arrangement goes a little flat at the “here I go again” part … is this how the original is? There are no pads/sustaining sounds in the BG. Feels like their could be. Also, question - did you perform those upper vocal harmonies or do some kind of plug-in? Tks.

thanks for your comments ,ive toyed with the idea of trying the kit called "tone def" its in groove agent in cubase 8.5 ,its a much closer drum sound to the one im using at the minute the snare is more explosive sounding and sounds more like the original and maybe a better starting point ,i know some people use gated reverb but i fancied trying the pink noise idea ,yeah it still sounds a bit too fluffy ,like little clouds of talc puffing up from the snare .
the chorus is more or less like the original apart from Coverdales incredible voice ,the chord progression at that point is the old 1,4,5. or “wild thing” or “Louise louise” which is a tired old progression anyway but it will be my fault it has fallen flat ,the bridge just before it has some nice oohs and aahs we missed out which are realy nice ,yes the harmony vocal on the chorus is a the chorus just sang in unison to the main melody and then altered to an harmony with variaudio ,by the way i`m not singing,it was a friend.