808 909 727 packs for GA

I’ve been more & more into using GA instead of battery but does anyone know where I can get straight sample packs for the classic drum machines that natively load into GA?

I know I can load my Battery samples up & save a new kit but also willing to buy so I don’t have a waste time doing boring stuff.

Dr Mix has some nice 808 and 909 samples. He has a youtube video showing how he sampled the actual machines. I think the set is only $5 for each. I bought both the 808 and 909 and it seems good to me.

Thanks for responding. In the end, its easier to find Akai format that GA supports. & there are loads. In the end I had fun making my own 808 & 909’s & choosing my own samples. Samples From Mars I think even had some free 808 & 909 that are compatible.