808 Sound


I’ve noticed that Halion Sonic SE has the SR T8 & CR Kit and also the SR T9 & T8 Kit. Are these Steinberg’s names for the Roland TR-808 and TR-909 samples? If so, does anyone know how they sound compared to other samples? My ear isn’t nuanced enough to tell.

I see that Wave Alchemy is having a sale for their Transistor Revolution and I would like a good sample of the TR-808 and 909, but if Halion Sonic does a good job, then I wouldn’t need to buy it.

Happy New Year to everyone.

They are closevenough, no need to buy another package

Thanks Raphie, I appreciate the advice.


I have Halion Sonic SE2, but I can’t seem to find these packages. Where should I look for them?


These two presets are only included with Cubase Artist or higher. The “SR” sounds were created by Sonic Reality and are different from the TR-808/909 samples included with the full versions of Halion Sonic 2 and Groove Agent 4.

Hello! You tell that there are some patches in Groove Agent with 808 909 sounds.
Can you tell which are exactly? Can’t find any(((