823 Page User Mnnual - Now that's what I'm talkin' bout!

The entire PDF contents is contained in the online documentation. It’s exactly the same, under another form.

Thanks for the clarification PG.

But as before the the v7 debacle…some of us simply will not bother with the online version at all…even if the documentation is identical. Its a “thing” that cannot be explained I guess :slight_smile:


I agree an additional link in the help menu, towards the pdf, would be welcome.

To the credit of Wavelab 8, I must say the online help is really good this time - as far as I’ve tried. I forced myself to use it earlier today (tried to find the CD-RW erase function) and it came up with what I was looking for very quickly. In other places I tried as well, and the information is good this time - nothing like WL7 help. My earlier remark about the pdf not being there is more related to being used to that from Cubase.

+1, I’ve even discovered things that were already in WL7 that I just never knew about!
I still think Steinberg should publish the manual to e.g. Lulu.com so that one-off prints could be purchased by those that really want hardcopy.

The install .exe is unpackable (eg. with WinRAR) and you can find the pdf in the documentation directory there.


That does not sound like an unreasonable suggestion, although I will be more than happy with the pdf on my tablet - bookmarks, completely searchable - who needs an Index? - what’s not to like?

Understood - that is how I got it in the first place - but then again - this is a total obscure process that the bulk of the user base probably has no knowledge of (or interest) in doing.

It would make more sense for the WL install to actually place the Operation Manual in a folder called Documentation during setup and be done with it. And then do us the service of at least placing a shortcut to it with the newly created Program group.

There should be no need for anyone to have to hack around decompressing the installer archive and so on - just to try and locate the most critical document associated with this software.


Agreed, of course.


When I navigate to the documentation folder, I see a couple of .qch files, no pdf.
What am I doing wrong?

.qch files are for the online doc (same contents as PDF, different format)
PDF is not installed there. You can downlow it from the Steinberg site.
In WaveLab 8.0.2, the PDF will be openable from the Windows Help menu, which is easier.

Sweet. Thanks PG!


?? The PDF manual is not downloading right now… Is this just a temporary glitch?

Works fine from here…

manual ? what a manual ? great for english spaeking users, ok. :smiley:

i’am a german user and there is no actually information about the german manual :confused: Steinberg ignore all questions …

The German/French/Spanish/Italian/Japanese manuals will soon be available.


925 Pages in german … great work ! Thank you :exclamation:

I just did a printout (call me old-fashioned) of the manual, and have a suggestion: in a future revision (WL9?), could you please consider using a smaller and perhaps also a more condensed typeface? As it is, it’s simply very large on the page, almost to the point of being hard to read. It would of course also save space. Those that need a larger font size on their digital devices can just zoom in anyway.


Thanks, as per the above comments, for putting together a real manual this time.

I would also like to echo the sentiment for making a printed manual available via third party printing. It is very difficult to do extended manual research or referencing via on-screen .pdf…at least for some of us, and most of us have enough active screens going while working already without freeing one up to search a .pdf. As someone who has generally been a heavy manual reader, I find the .pdf to be much less accessible…and slow. Quick references, a la Help type questions, are fairly easy with .pdf, but extensive research or study are not as facile.

The .pdf format does save Steinberg money and does save trees by being the primary deliverable, and this is a good thing which I support. But, as stated above, a home printed manual is not only vastly more unwieldy but vastly more environmentally damaging than a third party purchasable printed manual would be for those like myself that could use it. And those of us that are interested in this option have always been willing to pay for it.