#8628 waiting 10 days

hi, I reported an issue of cubase crashing #8628 Jan 4th with a set of crash dump examples.

Got an email yesterday saying thanks for my patience.

I’m working on a commercial project with deadlines - I really need some help - two further crashes this morning. I’m worried that some of these projects won’t open and I will have lost months of work.

I’ve submitted a couple more crash dumps from this morning. getting desperate here.

What are you asking? This forum is a user to user forum with some voluntary participation by SB employees, (which I am not)

The instability is likely due to plugins, so troubleshooting that would be a place to start.

ok, how do I do that?

Cubase loads fine. I try and open a project, it gets so far and then “cubase stopped working”. I had hoped the crash dumps would help but I cannot open them.

If it is a plugin then I’m guessing it must be a recent one and one that is in all the projects that are a crashing but I’m fairly sure all of the projects (until today) have all opened eventually.

I’ve been watching one project load - sometimes it stops at Mtron, other times it loads it and then goes on and crashes when loading a send channel so it doesn’t seem I can identify which plugin it is from that


thanks, the problem seems to be U-he Satin - odd because I’ve had it for years with no problem and I’m pretty sure other projects have it in and seem to open ok.

I’ll be interested in Steinberg’s reply from looking at the crash dumps and I’ve contacted U-he.

Sometimes a plugin can get corrupted. For example if it has an ini file and that has an error in it. A simple uninstall and reinstall might fix it.