88 Note Keyboard controller recommendations?


I’m on the hunt for a new Fully Weighted 88 Note Keyboard controller. I am a little lost with there being so much choice out there and wondered if anyone has any recommendations?

Is the Akai MPK88 any good and worth the money? I’m looking for something that’s nice to play and definitely not going to break after a good hammering. Having a Pitchbend and Mod Wheel would be a bonus!



Yamaha, Kurzweil, Kawai, Doepfer, Physis are all worth looking at.

This: Roland - A-88 | MIDI Keyboard Controller uses the same key bed that my stage piano has, and it’s really nice, according to some ace pianists that played it in my studio.


Ok thank you. There’s just so much choice. I can’t make up my mind. I’m still thinking about the Akai MPk88 as they are quite cheap secondhand but I keep reading good and bad reviews so It’s difficult to gauge.

Ok, After doing more research, I’m now very interested in the Doepfer LMK4+

The price is high but it seems like it wipes the floor with most other 88 Key Controllers.

If aftertouch is not required, I would also look at Kawai MP-11.
I have a MP-10 an it’s realy great.

Has a Mod-Whell, Pitchbend, up to 3 Pedals and one slider. And it has great dynamic.