8G ram enough??

I use a 1st gen MacPro as DAW, with 5 PC slaves. On the Mac I only have 8G ram but I only use it for Cubase 6, with 5 instance of VE Pro inside, and a few instance of omnisphere. My Mac freeze for 1-2 seconds intermittently, say every 2-3 minutes. Is the omnisphere so ram hungry it eating up all 8G of ram? or is it something else?

Aloha r,

Is that Macpro running in a 32 or 64 bit environment?
If it is a 32 bit machine, much of those 8 gigs are wasted.
Try booting into 64 bit and see if things ease up.

If that machine will not boot into 64 bit you might consider
getting one that will.
In 64 bit you can access all 8 gigs. (and more)

If it will boot into 64 bit, add more ram.


Is it true that in 32 bit Q6 but in 64 bit Os if you use rewire then 8gb fill benefit for it.Other wise not?Its all about what you are using if 8gb is enough or not.

Yes. I am already running cubase in 64bit mode.

I used to run my whole orchestra on the MacPro with no problem, now I run all the samples on 5 slave machines, the mac should have very little cpu/memory load. inside Cubase I only have 5 instance of VE Pro, 3 instance of QL Space. I can open 2 instance of Omnisphere with no problem, but when I open a 3rd one, the computer start choking and freezing momentarily. I never thought Omnisphere is so memory intensive. I wonder if adding extra memory would solve the problem.

So glad to see this post as it may help me as well. Running C6 on Mac Book Pro in 64bit mode and 6 gb of ram. Using eSATA External Drive connected to MAC Book via Expresscard slot. When using 4 instances of EWQL SO Platinum palying various layered strings for orchestral work, after about a minute of record or playback, the Lap Top fan starts to scream, and I get stuck MIDI notes on my JV-5080 and missed MIDI triggered notes. Fan does not calm down until about 30 seconds after playback is stopped. Activity monitor on the MAC does not reveal anything odd. So, I am troubled tryoing to decide what would be better - Using Viena Ensemble Pro with another networked MAC book, or upgrading my Receptor to handle the plugins. Basic question would be, is VE Pro and MacBook Pro with 6 - 8 gb Ram going to outperform a Receptor Pro with 4 gb ram or not.