8or16 channel steinberg controller! Thumbs up!

I’m using Cubase,Logic,Protools etc… But after Cubase 10 Im really using just Cubase ! BUT I really need a controller made by Steinberg or Yamaha. The existing yamaha systems are so expensive, or not doing the job professionally ( CMC controllers ı have them and using them just for their colourfull lights:))

I think we all need affordable and quality compact controllers like Qcon, avid artist, presonus faderport etc…

Thumbs Up :+1:t2: Please !!!

Have you looked into the Nektar Panorama controllers? I have the P6 and I find it quite awesome.

These are already available, so why should Yamaha/Steinberg build another one??:thinking::thinking:

I think he is asking for personal opinions from those who own one of these controllers, not suggesting some new creation.

Ok, I’ll bite:

What features should it have?

How much should it cost?

No he didn’t…

So why expacting from Yamaha?
-Greater integration options… Cubase became not only arranger daw and a very solid MIXIN DAW lately with their last two updates. And they may crown this beautiful MIXING DAW with a great controller which has greater integration with its software.
-Better quality components… (behringer, icon, avid artis built quality is crap…) Yamaha is a BIG BIG company and I guess its so much easier for them to create solid faders :level_slider: :level_slider: :level_slider: (as they are already doing in their digital mixers) for an affordable price. I couldn’t make myself to buy those crap controllers for that prices…

What functionality are you missing - specifically - in the controllers that are available today in the price range you’re looking for? (I’m assuming under $5k)

As far as I know Yamaha doesn’t make faders. Faders are manufactured by companies like Alps, TKD and Penny & Giles. Yamaha just buys faders and puts them into consoles.

I’ve used a variety of controllers and while I agree that out of all Avid controllers the Artist mix is at the bottom in terms of quality, arguably, the latest versions are a clear step above the Euphonix versions of the past.

I just have an extremely hard time seeing how money can be saved in research, design and production of an 8-channel controller compared to the Avid Artist Mix. Yes, the Presonus Faderport 8 is about half the price of that, but it also doesn’t have as many rotary encoders, doesn’t run the same protocol, and finally from what I’ve heard is less quality.

So, again - what is it specifically you think can be done to something like the Avid Artist Mix that would make it a better controller without increasing production costs? Avid like Yamaha (as well as TKD/P&G/Alps) are for-profit corporations and they need to make a profit.

What do you suppose they could do to make this happen?

PS: I understand that Yamaha is huge and has a lot of other pro-audio products, especially motorized consoles for live audio, and I understand that perhaps the economy of scale could work to its advantage… it’s just that it’s 2019 and what we have is Nuage and nothing else. WK-Audio died because of Nuage essentially, so what are the options practically speaking? Remember that a great controller significantly cheaper than Nuage will likely take revenue away from Nuage…

Is anyone planning to buy a Nuage NIO500 fader unit? I’m planning to sell mine :wink: