8va acting on notes different than selected - any idea why?

8va up is acting on notes others then selected, Instead of marking a few selected adjacent notes in the treble clef - it selects and act on other non selected but rhythmically parallel notes in the bass clef… 1st time this happens - so far I had no problems using the 8va… thanks in advance for the input.
Regards - Rami.

Are those notes crossed from the bottom staff to the top staff? If you reset them to their original staff (as described at the end of that page), do they jump down to the bass?

You can also use the caret to input notations on specific staves, so if you show the caret on the top staff and input an octave line (then press Space to advance the popover and extend the octave line until it’s as long as you want), it’ll be input on the top staff.

Thanks for your fast reply.
I cross these high notes ( e, d#, bb, e+f) onto the lower stave but still 8va operates on the bottom bass clef and not on selected notes.
Which page are you referring to?
I’ll check the caret technique, when clicking in - I choose the quantize value from the lower left .
Thanks - Rami.

This page, the one linked earlier in the sentence (words that appear in blue on the forum are hyperlinks, that you can click – I frequently embed links to the documentation this way).

well I retyped in the notes and its ok now.
why the peculiar behavior? I don’t know.
never mind.