8va and 8vb not working

I have used the 8va and 8vb quite often, both adding them with the mouse or with the popover (shift-C-8vb). I recently upgraded to Dorico 5, and I am not able to add these directions anymore. I try both ways, and nothing happens. I have restarted both Dorico and the computer. This is in a full score (not a part). Would anyone be able to point me to how to fix this? Thank you

Is this in one project, or all?

Are you definitely running the latest available Dorico 5 update, @lestro? Please check you’re using Dorico 5.0.20.

It is in all projects. If I happen to be working on a project that was created in Dorico 4 with an existing 8va, I can copy it and paste it where I need it, but not create a new one.

Yes, I am running

Can you cut down an existing project that demonstrates this and post it here?

I can’t think of a good reason why the Shift+C popover might not be working, but you should still be able to create octave lines via the Clefs and Octave Lines panel on the right-hand side of the project window.