8va and Grace Notes

I am having trouble getting the first note (grace note) of the attached (and annotated) piece to take the 8va sign. I have used the clef popover as instructed in the user manual but nothing happens. I see that this was flagged up four years ago on the forum but I am hoping there is now a solution as this isn’t satisfactory. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you.

Solo Excerpt.pdf (60.3 KB)

Could you upload the project itself so someone can open it and have a look?

Here it is.

Dancin’ In The Moonlight.dorico (570.9 KB)

Thank you - it works as expected here, you just have to have the grace note explicitly selected prior to input. Grace notes are a bit different to normal notes so it’s not always possible to drag items to them after they’ve been input.

Try deleting the octave line, then selecting the grace note, Ctrl/Cmd-clicking the last note, then inputting the octave line.

Hi Lillie. Thanks for that. That works!

One other question. Is it possible to change the size of the 8va and (8) as I find them on the large side. I have tried in the symbol designer, but the 8 and the brackets have to be done separately and they move all over the place!

I don’t think there’s a global scale option, but you could use the individual-case properties - select the octave line, and in the Properties panel at the bottom there are 2 size properties in the Common group. By default they only apply to one layout, but if you set the property scope to Globally at the right end of the Properties panel, it’ll affect all layouts. This will narrow the continuation line as well, though.

That works a treat. Thank you. So much to learn . . . So little time!