8va and guitar tablature

I have just created a piece containing notation and tablature. The notes are in the higher register so the NOTATION stave is displaying all the notes well above the stave. I would like to transpose them down an octave and add an 8va marking. When I try and do this the tab is also transposed down an octave. How can I transpose the notation stave down an octave so that it is visually acceptable to me without affecting the tab stave which contain the correct frets/strings please? Screenshot attached.

When you add the 8va line (using for instance the shift-c popover and 8), the notation is automatically lowered. Do not use the G clef with the little 8 underneath, use octava lines :wink:

Thanks Marc. That worked a treat! One other thing… how do I get rid of the slur going across bar 10 to 11 in the tab stave please? I would like the slur to end in bar 10 and not go into the next bar with an additional number in brackets. Thanks.

What do those slurs in bar 10 actually mean? Why does the second slur on the triplet begin on the last note of the first slur, and why does the third slur begin on the last note of the second? This doesn’t make sense to me. Don’t you want a single slur over all the notes? If you then don’t want the slur to continue to the last note of the tie in bar 11, you’ll need to change the setting in Engraving Options/Slurs/Tied Notes.

Just to clarify, there is at present no way to hide a slur only in tab or on the notation staff: we know this is sometimes necessary and it’s on our list of things to look at in future.