8va in cross staff context


I’m having a hard time with a 8va case where one of the notes supposed to be included in the 8va comes from the lower staff using cross staff.
Impossible to move the 8va left to include the F# coming frome the lower staff.
Screenshot 2024-06-19 at 17.35.52

I’m surely missing something but the time spend on this without finding an solution is quite annoying.


You can move it, you just need to use the alternative moving command: Ctrl/Cmd-Alt/Opt-Left Arrow (ie add Ctrl on Windows, or Cmd on macOS, to the moving command).

This is a handy trick to know for moving items by the rhythmic grid that normally automatically snap to notes, like dynamics.

Alternatively, input the whole phrase on one staff or the other, and just cross the notes that need to be crossed. That way, the whole bar belongs to the same staff.

Can you clarify the meaning of “it” in “you can move it” for me. Are you talking about a note or the 8ve sign?

The octave line.

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Oh thank you !

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